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Tales of the Elements FC

by Last BeNeVoLeNcE



Random Beats Music is excited to announce the upcoming release of Hip Hop/Trip Hop MC and Producer Last BeNeVoLeNcE’s 10th Full-length album, Tales of the Elements FC. This conceptual album is the official sequel to Last BeNeVoLeNcE’s debut album, Save the World, and it tells a fantasy story of adventure, love, and heroism while re-introducing the history and culture of Hip Hop in the likeness of a classic Japanese Role Playing game. Entirely produced by Last BeNeVoLeNcE with the story written by him as well, this album delivers his own cleverly crafted story-driven lyricism on top of his heavy 90’s-inspired drum patterns with exotic jazz samples and even original compositions of his own. Everything comes together in this package as a passionate ode to classic JRPGs, Hip Hop Culture, AND fans of both genres.

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released October 7, 2016

Mastered by K-Murdock

(See individual track credits for more information.)



all rights reserved


Last BeNeVoLeNcE Mesa, Arizona

Ambient/Jazz Hip Hop/Trip Hop/nerdcore producer, recording artist, and engineer.

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Track Name: Prologue
-Verse 1-
My mind's deeper than a Stargate, I’m not much for heartache/

Actually--I'm kiddin'--on the regular I partake.

Not that I enjoy it, it's like highly pitched noises/

Scratchin' the board of my emotions, rubbin' the soil in--

my wounds, I'm already lost--let's change the subject/

If I wrote what's on my mind, I could make a book of it/

Startin' with this rubbish, I swear that I am strugglin'/

With my eyes, what we see is blindfolding the public/

I'm sorry to sound strange--I'm clearly off-topic/

Steady glidin' through my thoughts with a conscience, like a rocket/

Well, this isn't handsome--While the world tries to find peace within' handguns,

I'll need an escape and then some

Spellin' my momentum………m-o-m-entum,

By loneliness, I find the mind could be taken for ransom/

I'll fully pay it off with my imagination/

I'm the superhero, if I take some time for concentration/

-Verse 2-
Yes, I'll handle light within' a pen, so casually

I'll call myself “Master Peace,” the darkness couldn't master me

Actually, scratch that, my pen will be my blade/

and the light from it will erase any traces of shade/

From the darkest, of the days--and oh, by the way/

I think I'll need my own damsel in distress to save/

I'll call her “melody,” yeah, that will be her name/

Her Voice? Music to the ears, her appearance? the same/

Now, for the villain--hmm. It will be the darkness,

Anything within this world that makes it seem like garbage/

You know what I mean, when I say anything/

Works of flesh, bigotry, false teachings of many things/

I'll make myself, the main protagonist/

Everything else will be based on reality's challenges/

And “Master Peace” can handle the story tellin' an'

The alter ego, will be the hero BeNeVoLeNcE

What you're now tuned into is only make-believe/

Even though it seems I have tricks up my sleeve/

So you can enjoy the tale the right way/

Please listen chronologically of each track that I made/
Track Name: The Protagonist
Well, I take the wind isn't afraid of me
Traveling on my way the breeze, keeps up the pace with me
But, something's different with the world I face ya see/
I noticed that the dark city vanished off the face of the
planet and what's strange to me, memories have taken me
of a past I've never seen, my mind, spinnin' crazily/
I move on hopin' sanity will stay with me/
Whatever's facin' me, my quest continues gracefully/

On to a new beginning chapter
Unfolding, my blade—sharper than the teeth of raptors
I speak like “happily ever after,”
End of story, really, the rest doesn’t matter
This is the knight in shining armor of melody
Anything else in opposition, not impressing me
The Darkness can stick it’s schemes up it’s butt crack
And anything following it’s ways can find what’s wack
I don’t play games, you’ll find at the exit
Like a bad story’s plot, better carry a moral message
The sea, just exciting like a missile
Sun’s reflection off the surface, looking like a million crystals
Not stressed, I feel like a rose
And I’m young, I suppose, all I have to do is grow
Time to continue on my quest
Tomorrow’s not promised, but each day’s blessed
Back on the quest, man--time get it on
It's the protagonist, here with a new song
Or adventure, keep trackin' that
And stay tuned what we got here's action-packed

-Verse 2-
Chapter 1, no, I don't pack a gun
No “X-factor,” son--I don't sing jack, or none
I laugh with puns and I find math is fun
Substract the dumb--and add some drums
The same as the last, different from the first
Man, I can save a cat stuck in a tree with my verse
Dude, that sounds crazy, yeah, I know but is it?
If love is an image, I'd like to depict it
Cold with a mic, like Ice cream get it?
So much flavor, any track'll get a lickin'
Brain freeze flow, too fast and you can kick it/
And I'm not talkin' about the Tribe, so stay with it
My name's BeNeVoLeNcE, not word a calamity/
I'm droppin' flows like waterfalls stand with me/
While the wannabes chase after vanity/
I'm finishin' my mission like it was planned to be/
Track Name: The False Beginning & The Random Hero
Last BeNeVoLeNcE

Or so I thought that's how it happened
To my amazement, it was all imagined
Lying in the grass with fragments/
of the sun beaming through aspen
trees, I hop on knees, check around for my attachments/
Believe I got the keys to each fractions of my own passions
But, wait a second
Something I noticed leave me questions
I got my mic, my pen, and
my OJ--and some "chakram?"
What the heck, man?
It must been lying here awhile I guess, then
No sweat then,
I'm trained to handle these in times of stress and
I attach it with no question, get up, walking through the scenery
Seems to me to be beautifully crafted greenery
No time to be distracted, I have a quest that needs to be
brought to it's complete, my thoughts are deeper than a dreamer's sleep
Not easily removed, I continue my journey
Through the trees of the forest, really--I don't feel I'm too hurried
A few questions hit my mind, but no, I'm not too worried
Right on time to start this quest, not too late, but not too early

The name's BeNeVoLeNcE, I'm no hero but I can save a sweet
damsel in distress with my style so savory
My bravery consists of an art that I make with beats/
and rhymes I master like I put music in slavery
I say to these, rhyme enemies, better behave with me
Believe I breed timeless tracks, one could say they age with ease
Not into themes like women spoken of unfavorably
My flow is so "Substantial," Hip Hop's one of "My Favorite Things."
Enough for my description, I continue on my mission
I noticed the city's been missin'--Guess I wasn't trippin'
It seems as if my team has been wiped from existance
Just like the dark city, maybe it took them with it.
Wicked.....And I can describe that in many ways
We could go on and on, wasting our time on this for many days
Time to make some progress to fill this empty day
But, first, I need directions--where exactly am I, anyway?

Mega Ran

Soldier of fortune, or lyrical swordsman
I want it all--never been satisfied with just portions
I'm known as random 'cuz my style is sporadic
Though my trials has been tragic, I survived with my magic
Call me, "spellcaster," I traversed the land
Watching for falsifiers and keeping a verse in hand
So, "catch 'em if you can," I maneuver like the wind
Armed with cuttin' lyrics and toxic ink pens
But, that's the last resort, peace is truly my mission
Restoring the goodness of Polyphony we've been missin'
Isn't an easy task, mad snakes in the grass
Forced us undergound but one day we'll be free at last
Peace comes with a cost, pray it isn't my presence
A soldier's life is so precious, sends me into depression
All of the adolescents forced to carry weapons
Stop and just think a second, here to bring you the message
it's RAN!
Track Name: Legends of the Black Mic (pt. I)
-Verse 1-
Once there was a hero, legendary MC title
Flow so sick that one day his style went viral
Enemies feared his name, no one could rival
His microphone could make that heart stop like "idle."
He had a dope style, hard to describe, though
Some say it sounded kinda like a dragon's vitals
Inhuman....Hotter than the breath of pyros
He lifted hearts with his fly flows
He met this pretty girl, sorta like a ballerina
She danced across hearts, man, you should've seen her
More beautiful than anything he could think of.
Her name was Melody, just to give an idea
They fell in love like gravity intensified
One day he proposed but before she replied
A mysterious darkness consumed her
So, he set out on a mission to rescue her

-Verse 2-
It was an ugly day for crime fighting, he didn't care though
He remained unchanged, to save this damsel
In distress, yes, but when he grabbed her hand, slow--
She vanished forever--lights out, like candle
The man choked and passed out yet
He next woke up to find that the day had reset
To the day of his quest, so he tried again
And again, each time he failed to save his girlfriend
On one of his tries, he ran into this old guy
Who offered to help if he worked by his side/
The MC agreed, saved Melody's life,
then she watched as darkness consumed his mind
Never knew why, since then, he turned villain
commanding dope rhythms to poison minds, even children's
And he abused Melody, claiming many lives
Since then, he was known as The Black Mic
Track Name: Abilities
(Mega Ran)
Walking through the woods one afternoon/
Nothin’ on my plate that I have to do/
Headphones on and I happen to
Turn to the left and I passed some dude
He looks lost and I can tell
‘Cuz he’s heading to where the monsters dwell
So, I figured I should get his attention
Maybe learn a bit about him and his intentions
He looked like a warrior of some type
The type to bring a mic to a gun fight
I felt an aura that would leave me to believe
That he was a chosen one, similar to me
I said, “Homie don’t you head that way
It’s just not safe, you’ll be dead that way”

I know, I traveled every inch of this land
From The Talking Trees to the Pits of Quicksand
Seen it all, ain’t no place I’ve never been
Goin’ in that direction—I don’t recommend
Maybe if you had an army….
But, you’re a hundred pounds hardly, dude, you’ll be sorry
I knew a guy once, he acted foolishly
Tried to go alone, and between you and me
He was strong but his confidence was truly weak
I was his only friend, I read his eulogy
So don’t think I’m just blabberin’
I’ve been around the block, man—I know what’s happenin’
I hold a mic like a scepter, back down any wickedness in my sector
I could watch your back, be your protector,
Maybe we should go after it together
I could watch your back, be your protector!
Maybe we should go about this together

What’s your name ? What skills you possess?
What’s your class? I mean, what do you profess—
To be the element of Hip Hop that you’re skilled in?

(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
-- Yo I’m BeNeVoLeNcE, and for my equipment/
I rock' beats and rhymes, that are mad ill be/
Cold like a cough or a runny nose really/
I don't play games, no, I don't act silly/
Styles like a 3-course meal, so fulfilling/

Awakening from a world that seemed/
so consumed by lust and material things/
I really couldn't understand but I kept it clean/
Well, I stayed away from those ideals I mean/
I feel I dreamed too much of wishful things/
spilling time from my hourglass, I think/
Come take a drink, hope the mind won't blink/
Missing any delicate details I bring/
So, back to my quest I ran into a stranger/
I told him I was lost so he pointed my way, but/
I recal he glanced at me like he would say some/
Words to bring awe--but he warned of the danger/
In the direction, I was travelin' in/
At the edge of the forest, to where our paths begin/
He said Be careful if you're headed that way/
I said I'm headed that way, then he pulled out his blade/
For any MC, what's ahead is to dread/
A dark land, and I peep the mics in your hand/
I told him that I rock 'em like avalanche droppin/
He said "Stop it. I'll talk about where you're walkin'/
That place is too dangerous to top it/
This ain't a cakewalk it would anger us to walk an/
Listen to the sounds that this land's supplyin/
Many sell themselves to get rich or die tryin'/

(Then I asked) What's your name? what skills you possess?/
What's your class? I mean, what do you profess/
To be the element of Hip Hop that you're skilled in/

(Mega Ran)
My name is Random and I come equipped with/
A backpack full of MC equipment
A microphone with hash marks on the shaft
Those are for the enemies that I’m taking to task
They approach, I laugh, blast ‘em and gash
Track Name: Tales of the Elements
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)

-Verse 1-
Once upon a time in the land I come from/
There lived these greedy kings who had breathed corruption/
Man, it was somethin', they all seemed to love when/
A chance came to take from the poor who had nothin'/
The lower class pain born a dark age/
In every village slum formed 4 types of gangs/
Each one of them idenified by their unique skill/
Day to day meals would be the reason to kill/
Violence stalked the commoners in the streets/
While, their true enemies walked through courtyards of peace/
And it really seemed that all hope would cease/
But, then a hero appeared from the lands in the East
Similar to a fairytale or a dream/
Held down the scene decked top to bottom in green
Equipped with a bow, and an arrow, shot glory/
He founded the elements. This is their story/

-Verse 2-
Between the 4 gangs, he formulated a truce/
Then found a way of peace between each of the groups/
A common goal together as the Merrimen/
Against the kings of the land, they were called the 4 Elements/
I'll break it down easy/
They had DJs, B-boys, MCs, and graffiti
Back then, holding it down for all the needy/
They brought peace and happiness, it was all too easy/
After some time DJs and Mcs/
influenced the most so the kings made a scheme/
To seize control of the two biggest teams/
by removing the line between reality and dreams/
They sent this dark little fellow with this sand/
That could exploit the selfish dreams of any man/
With this dust he carried in a chest most/
Of the MCs and the DJs from the West coast/
Betrayed the elements and became more relevant/
Abusing graffiti, the darkness here was evident/
They took control and multiplied as a whole/
Melody was even among the queens that they stole/
they say the elements live down to this day/
Underground in society, hidden from evil's gaze/
I'm gonna find if it is or is not/
This is the Tale of our beloved Hip Hop/

~Hidden Track: "Take 2"~

(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
Once Upon a time in the land I come from/
There lived this industry that had breed corruption/
Similar to Shinra, they controlled the functions
Of the cities and even the lifestyles of the public/
At that time, 4 gangs has existed
But it didn’t seem that the industry took interest/
So, they turned their faces away from the evil/
And violence took place everyday amongst the people
But soon after that, a hero would come/
Rockin’ rhythms over drums like an arrow was strung/
Bringing peace to the streets that he had won/
Transformed the 4 gangs like the night to the sun/
Into these factions, the four elements they were named/
B-boys, MC’s, Graffiti, and DJs/
Life was like a celebration everyday/
Until the Elements fell underground and things changed

(Mega Ran)
So, if you wonder now …..
Why you can’t find the clans nowadays, they were all forced underground
Practicing the arts in the darkness
Praying for an illuminated heart to spark this
It’s awkward, in a world without heroes
We, the people, now forced to embrace evil
(The) Sandman keep the dreamers starry-eyed
Promising fame and riches, but we know it’s all a lie/
Keeping us under the influence of instruments/
Struggle is infinite, never forget!
But, I heard a rumor of a special two
Who would rise up and do what one person could never do
Take control and eventually switch the mood up
Renew us and return the Elements to us
I never knew the details of their elaborate plan
And alas, that was exactly how it began
Epic stories astounding whoever reads them
And now you gotta see it to believe them
The Tales of the Elements
Track Name: Just So Hard (To Find Help)
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
So, it was time to put an end to this story
And bring Polyphony back to it’s former glory
Of course, me and Ran knew that this would end/
The reign of the great darkness that sweeps the land
So, we thought of a plan
(Mega Ran: Yeah, we thought of a plan)
We’d get some legendary help, man—that would be grand
Not just any help, Hip Hop legends if we can
So, we started searching where the Elements began
In a place to the East where the drums and the beats
Just seem so cold and street, don’t you agree?

(Mega Ran)
Whole heartedly, yo. This place is so enormous
All the buildings and the elements blossom, it’s so historic

(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
So, we asked around for an MC who was Questing/
He was known around these parts as the abstract poetic
But, after we requested for his help, he rejected
He said “I’m busy, take them ‘lyrics to go’-- forget it!”

(It’s) Just so hard to find help these days/
It’s just so hard to find help these days/
I said it’s just so hard to find help these days/
Just so hard, just so hard (just so hard)

(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
After that bit, our confidence got distracted
Ran, can you pick it up and tell us next what had happened?

(Mega Ran)
I have this friend who has a friend that lives next door to the Teacha
Surely he can help us in our attempts to reach him
We pull up at his castle at 11:47
He was standing at his window, with his hands upon a weapon/
He was criminal minded, you’ve been blinded
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE: “Sir, we need help and we can’t seem to find it”)
“I’m very very sorry to approach you at your home
But, this quest we’ve embarked upon is too much to do alone
See darkness is approaching and if we don’t take a stand
Evil will reign in every corner of every land
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE: “Yo, we need your experience”)
And Sage-like intelligence
And no one can match your mastery of the Elements
He said “This is true, I am Hip Hop--
But, MCs act like they don’t know--so y’all can kick rocks”

(Last BeNeVoLeNcE)
So, I said “Wait a minute, we ain’t finish—Hey, isn’t—
Mecca and the Soul Brother still alive and kicking?”
We thought they would ‘Get on the Mic’ but
(Mega Ran: SIKE!!!)
Instead, they replied “If it ain’t rough, it ain’t right!”
So, on to another “Stolen Moment,” undercover
We got denied by an MC who “Used to Love H.E.R.”
He had “Soul by the Pound,” Ran, what you think of him?

(Mega Ran)
Hey, he’s a busy man, I guess I won’t judge him/
Now I’m dejected, this quest’s got me defeated/
We return to the East to the one that they call “The Phoenix”
She told us “no” as well but directed me to the Pharaoh
He told me “Simon says” if we want him, we have to battle
I wasn’t up for it, so we hit the Midwest/
One told us to “Kick push,”
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE: guess he wasn’t impressed)
That’s when I realized we wouldn’t get help
If you want something done right
(Last BeNeVoLeNcE: better do it yourself)
Track Name: A B-Boy's Tale feat. Kharisma
-Verse 1-
I come from the land most East
where we try to find peace in the rhythm of the beat
not the way that we want it, it's the way that we need
it's the way that we live, to the day we are deceased
passed down from my father before me and his father before him
every generation
expressed themself through the movement of the physical
to stimulate the soul that was oh-so spiritual
born to be the head of the clan
But I guess you could say I never followed the plan
I moved to my own beat, they could never convince me
to stray from the name that they wanted to give me
I am not a follower,
I march to my own beat, strong as a warrior
Swift as a cheetah--it is so unlikely
You could ever find another that could move just like me

I think you really need to look around
You see the world around you falling
When you finally hear it calling
I think you really need to look around
You have a team that you know won't leave you
And see that this world well and truly needs you (so hurry up)

-Verse 2-
I remember quite well
when they came into town with a story to tell
Brought news of a tyrant, looming on the horizon
And told me they could really use my help
(but I just didn't get it)
I see what you're doing and I respect it
But, I'm not the type to ever work as part of a collective
I fight alone and that's the way that I like
So, you will have to find somebody else to join this fight
That's when they told me--My pride will be the death of me
Reminding me of something that a friend once said to me
(It was...) The world's a lot bigger than you
It won't be long 'til you realized you needed it too
It brought me back to the moment that I lost my friend
And he told me those words with his very last breath
So, I shook hands with BeNeVoLeNcE and Random
And I said I would team up and fight alongside them
Track Name: Snowberry
Verse -1-
It was a midweek morning, I thought for my enjoyment/
I could sneak away from the party and do some city touring/
Instead I got caught by Ran who noticed (that I) I stopped snoring/
He said “Go do your thing, man.” Good because this place is boring/
So, I hit the city square, and there they held a parade/
For some famous Rappers, had to keep myself from breaking their blades/
‘Cuz (because) their evil, we all know that, anyway/
But then, time seemed to halt when I noticed in my gaze/

-Hook 1-
Long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes/
Mirror-mirror on the wall, please don't lie/
Who is the fairest of them all in sight?/
Perhaps this girl, that I have in mind/

Is she sweetest of all hearts, and most beautiful of minds?/
Mirror-mirror on the wall, please don't lie/
Who is the fairest of them all in sight?/
Maybe--just maybe, it's this lady that I like/

-Verse 2-
There were no schemes or plans that were grand--So, it just happened/
That I found love, something out of fairy tale captions/
I can think of many ways to describe my attraction/
She was more beautiful than anything I had imagined/
My mind and heart were led captive to her facets/
We connected instantly like a seat belt when it's fastened/
Of course, I saw her from the distance, the challenge/
That she gave me was to chase her through the city people crowds that were passin’ (passing)/
And her and I, were laughin' (laughin)--No actin' (acting)/
Emotions weren't passive, so our hearts beat active (actively)/
After I had caught, love--I asked for her name/
She said, “They call me ‘Snow berry.’" I can't complain/
(Our) Hearts blended the same, Contact info was exchanged/
We spent our time simple and plain, heating the flames/
Of our passions. But, no, nothin' (nothing) happened/
That was X-rated. Pure and clean was our actions/

-Hook 2-
She had long brown hair, beautiful brown eyes/
Mirror-mirror on the wall, please don't lie/
Who is the fairest of them all? This shy/
Little princess I'm in love with, that's RIGHT!/

The sweetest of all hearts, and most beautiful of minds/
Mirror-mirror on the wall, please don't lie/
Who is the fairest of them all? This kind/
Little princess, I'm in love with, that's RIGHT!/

-Verse 3-
So, the next morning was sort of strange if you ask me/
I snuck out from the party without any harrassing/
I met up with Snowberry again, after dashing/
To the City square, but things got weird, actually/
There was this Dragon that appeared out of nowhere/
My anger was so hot, that we really shouldn't go there/
So, I broke out the “noise,” better believe, oh yeah/
Time to save my love's life with the microphone’s flare/
So, screams blasted, from the crowds that were dashin' (dashing)/
Away from the action, as I was attackin' (attacking)/
I recovered HP with the Orange juice I packed in/
My inventory. Stackin' (stacking), so my game wasn't lackin’ (lacking)/
But, then something happened--Yep, it was strange/
Snowberry disappeared and the dragon got away/
Then, an old man's voice in my head started to say/
I'll give you a chance to save her life, if your rhyme becomes my slave/
Track Name: Seal Upon Your Heart
(If I had to)
Wake up every single day/
to risk my life I would just to see you safe/
My exclusive devotion as the Grave/
Is unyielding no matter what, please place/
Me as a seal upon your heart
place me as a seal upon your arm/
'cuz love is as strong as death believe me/
I love you so so so so deeply/
Love has flames that cannot tire/
Waters can not extinguish it's fire/
Nor can any river wash it away/
So, my love for you can never change/
Place me as a seal upon your heart/
place me as a seal upon your arm/
'Cuz love is as strong as death believe me/
I love you so so so so so deeply/

Awakening, morning came/
Holdin' my head, Love is on my brain/
The party didn't catch me sneaking away/
Even Ran didn't notice me, can't complain/
Little did they know that I planned a date/
Snowberry, is her name, man, can't be late/
Had to move quick fast to get my time straight/
The city square where we met was the place
According to plan/
everything went 'til the ground shook and/
We grabbed ahold of each other's hands/
Then, got caught by the dragon's glance/
In the air, flames then danced, and so did my/
Blade AKA Mic, with my lady on my eye/
Or my eye on my lady, then things got crazy/
She vanished quick with the dragon, then I got hazy/

Again, morning came/
Holdin' my head, Love was on my brain/
The party didn't catch me sneaking away/
I found it so strange that nothing had changed/
Maybe I got a chance to save my date/
Snowberry, is her name, man, can't be late/
Had to move quick fast to get my time straight/
The city square where we met was the place
I really need to think of plan
Then the ground shook as we held hands/
Then, I held her close to me, yeah, close to me/
Really, this is how it's supposed to me/
As the dragon attacked, I noticed things/
A dark man in the crowd ain't supposed to be/
the dragon's flames swallowed both of me/
cuz you see, me and her make the whole of me/

Once again, morning came/
Holdin' my head, Love was on my brain/
The party didn't catch me sneaking away/
And I had an idea of what I needed to change/
So, I headed out to save my date/
Snowberry, is her name, man, can't be late/
Had to move quick fast to get my time straight/
The city square where we met was the place
This time I had me plan/
When the ground shook, I let go of her hand/
Then, the dragon tried to stop me and/
I leaped vallantly over where he stand/
Or where he stood, no matter he could not stop me/
So, I pulled out my mic on the dark body/
That was oddly placed, then I slashed/
Back to reality, as dust settled to ash/
Finally, I saved her life/
And I was happier than ever, I could write/
Many many many books, and many many poems/
To tell her of my feelings but never could show them/
Through words on pages of bliss/
Couldn't even express how I feel with a kiss/
Instead, I looked her in the eye while with/
Us holding hands, I said something like this/
Track Name: Safe For Some Time
I’ll make my escape at night/
And make her feel better with a letter that I write/
Address her heart for her to discern/
That I have a quest to finish before I return/
Tell her how I feel, details attached/
Assure this sweet lady that I will be back/
Man, I don’t want to leave her behind/
But, if I do….She’ll be safe for some time/

(Hidden track: "Letter to Snowberry")
Dear, my sweet love.....I'm sorry about what happened/
I wrote this so you can feel better when your heart is saddened/
Just like the time when I left you in your homeland/
I had things to take care of, please listen and understand/
I hope that you know, you're more precious to me than diamonds/
I love you more than the sunshine brings warmth to your island/
You're more beautiful than any sunset horizons/
More valuable than any stashed stash of the finest gems/
Happily, I'd give away my most prized possessions/
To see you in the new system without pain etched in/
Your heart. Wish that I had more to offer right up/
Besides just--this little letter filled with my love/

Am I feeling hurt? well, kind of/
Can't help the rewindin' of the last scene with you remindin'
Me of what it feels to hold the hand of true love/
Didn't know she was so beautiful, yes I'm talking about you, love/
Oops, umm--Sorry about the confusion/
The point, I'm losin'--let's get back into it/
I move with no violence/
I wish I had some sirens--I'm too shy to open up at times and I'd like your “admirance/”
Heated with passion, my love is strictly firin'/
But, I'm last to speak when your heart beats I'm silent/
Listening to the music your presence play, I smile when/
I hear the drums beat, as your words, pretty violins/
Your expressions are woodwinds,
it keeps my spirits high, though
Your feelings are the key, I hope I play the right notes/
Not much for fly quotes, or saying that you're fly though.
But you're happiness places my heart in the sky so/
Elegantly in it's fashion, so so gently I might add in/
No need for nimbus cloud, or the carpet from Aladdin/
Beautiful in more ways than these eyes can behold captive/
Your heart is like an oasis centered in a deserts passin'
And when you're laughin', it's like the sun follows the action/
When you have to leave my heart skips a beat like it's attackin'/
We'll be together soon and I promise this will happen/
Until then, remember these words when your heart is saddened/
Track Name: Obstacle
-Verse 1-
I find myself in the ruins, after I left her/
Didn't want put her in danger, or even stress but/
I feel sorta kinda messed up/
Can't help but think how grateful I am we had met up/
In the first place, I love her more than first place/
On the second thought, she was more of a charm than third phase/
I am caught--In someone's trap, looking me in the eyes--out jumps a predator from the grass/
he then asks, where you at, where you coming from/
Looking for friends, I see you have a way of making new ones/
Can you let me go, I mean, I don't mean harm/
If you can help me with this issue I'm facing so far/
What's goin' on?
Actually, this place is unhappy--blocked from any writer who tries to pass these/
Hills that take you to the world outside, where thoughts run free, and so does rhymes/

-Hook 1-
As he talked I noticed the urge to protect my thoughts/
As if they could be lost,
I felt them lock,
Lock up like I was paralyzed or shocked/
Or kinda like as if my mind was blocked/

I knew I had to protect my thoughts/
But, I didn't know why I felt so lost/
or the reason why my pen began to lock/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
It locked up as if my mind was blocked/
it locked up as if my mind was blocked/ locked up as if my mind was blocked/

I really didn't know why I felt so lost/ or the reason why my pen began to lock/ lock up as if my mind was blocked/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
But, my mind my was blocked

-Verse 2-
Huh? What do you mean?
See? I am an MC--
But, this place keeps the pad and pen empty/
There's a village of others stuck and in need/
Of some direction, maybe you can help, me/
I don't know--I never dealt with something like that before/
But, I'm willing to take on the challenge of course/
Where do I need sign up for this little chore/
Here, follow me, I have exactly what you're looking for/
Inside that cave, are many many obstacles/
Each one you have to overcome to keep from stoppin' flows/
We all tried but fell one after one like dominoes/
Okay, so what's the goal?/
You need activate the console to remove the forcefield from the roads,
Sounds simple/
I'll be there and back before a rhyming thought hits you/

-Hook 2-
I took off, noticing the urge to protect my thoughts/
As if they could be lost,
I felt them lock,
Lock up like I was paralyzed or shocked/
Or kinda like as if my mind was blocked/

I knew I had to protect my thoughts/
But, I didn't know why I felt so lost/
or the reason why my pen began to lock/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
It locked up as if my mind was blocked/
it locked up as if my mind was blocked/ locked up as if my mind was blocked/

I really didn't know why I felt so lost/ or the reason why my pen began to lock/ lock up as if my mind was blocked/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
lock up as if my mind was blocked/
But, my mind my was blocked
(yo, my mind was blocked)

-Verse 3-
So, picture me, the man for the mission/
Searchin' every nook and cranny like I had something missin'/
Monsters in my face, tryin' to end my visit/
Feeling like my powerlevel's drained with every instant/
This urge to give up, makes me feel distant/
No time for this, pen in hand, I begin resistance/
Striking my page,like brushstrokes of michaelangelo/
bringing life to rhymes in art form with my quotes/
Are most notable/
I suppose my flows, won't be stoppin' for any foes/
I found the console, time for activation
Look, here comes monster, the usual situation/
Darker than the fecal matter from a sick man's butt/
but weaker than a game of football that's two-hand touch/
Struck it down, now my abilities escaped the crutch
Called Writer's Block--but that's enough/

-Hook 3-
finally, I figured out--the problem I had with my thoughts/

and the real reason why I felt so lost/
Why I felt paralyzed in mind or shocked/
locked up as if my mind was blocked/

It felt good to regain what I lost/
Takin' up the pen and pad just to unlock/
Creativity deep inside my thoughts/
That's what, I describe as writer's block/
Locked up, as if my mind is blocked/

locked up, as if my mind is blocked/
locked up as if my mind is blocked/

It felt good to regain just what I lost/
Takin' up the pen and pad just to unlock/
Creativity deep inside my thoughts/
Locked up, as if my mind is blocked/
That's what, I describe as writer's block/
Track Name: Saving Point Pt. II
-Verse 1-
I'm sorry for the melancholy/
Attitude, it's probably, memories of folly/
Moments, but golly, It seems so foggy, the odd weeks/
Of her words spoken softly, but hardly/
The surface of my heart, I guess I'm hearty/
But, like 24-7, I'm feelin' all weak--
Hearin' her voice mail in the message of the mind call me/
From the back of the dimension I call the/
Memory card, we saved that sorry/
time when love tried to kiss our scarred cheeks/
That moment we saved since the last game/
Same spot where we thought everything should have changed
But, it would all collapse, including our hearts, scattered/
Our tears taking control of our own disaster/
Ticklin' our wounds, painful laughter/
Crystal vision I have mastered through eyes half-shattered/
I'm lookin' forward to a summer that is cool/
A winter that is warm, a fall without flu/
A spring that is joyful, A paradise soon/
An eternity that I can spend with you/
Listening to the silence of your thoughts make tunes/
Beautiful enough to make a desert landscape bloom/
In my memory, love--I'll save you/
Just don't forget to do the same for me too/

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Save and Continue…..
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Save and Continue?
Save and Continue……
Save and Continue?

Yo, here’s the Menu….

-Verse 2-
People don't always forget what they cherish/
It's the little details in-between that could perish/
The important things that were precious/
The little gem hidden within our imperfections/
Like a lover’s favorite color--mine's blue/
If I say that your deeper than the sea, would that be a fine clue?/
If my heart was like the sky, would that remind you?
Like the two in the horizon, I'll be beside you/
But, this is far more than just our memories/
Beyond the former things, but lasting endlessly/
Everlasting, built from the past things/
Progressing to the next, but if you ask me/
I believe at this point, we can save what we know/
Save what we lost--save what's new and old/
In our memories, where love is kept and shown/
In a gallery that is free from time, though/
Stars dance at sun rise, eclipse at sunset/
Clear sight in moonlight, day hasn't begun yet/
Love's forever, flowers undress/
Music's like nectar, sounds sweet, hun, let’s
Live life in dreams, Paint war with peace/
Play with a wild beast, Be free from disease/
Please, save this in your memories/
Save, just in case you have to leave/

(Here’s the menu)